Etsy Shop Open H E L L O


This evening I had a light bulb moment. I’ve been having a lot of late, but nothing good enough to act on. Like “hey! I should join a gym” and “If I do more cleaning around the house, maybe my husband will buy me lots of presents”. Aaanywaaay…. I’m a BIG fan of Etsy, I mean huge! I search through their treasury at least once a day, my excuse being that it allows me to keep up with trends in colours etc. Also I love looking at pictures of hair chalk!
Well I’ve been fantasizing ( yes! I meant to say that!) about opening my own florist shop but didn’t know where I would get the capital. That and I was wonder how I am supposed to look after my 5 month old daughter AND run a retail store? Also do I know enough about how to run that sort of operation?

So while I was browsing Etsy today, I thought “I’ve got some crappy photos of my work, I’ve got a couple of cents to pay for the listings, I really should open my own Etsy shop!

So check it out


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