White is nice for a change

Looking around various florists here in Melbourne, there seems to be a trend toward textural all-white arrangements. White, being the colour that goes with pretty much everything, it is a very easy choice for many people when selecting flowers. It can go anywhere; on a blue laminated kitchen bench top, a teak coffee table, even on a black granite reception desk. This versatility makes it a fantastic all round colour. It is also appropriate for heaps of different occasions. Birthdays, new baby, anniversaries, funerals and of course weddings have all been known to feature this colour.
To add interest, a mixture of grainy, fibrous and satiny-smooth textures creates an intriguing combination. There isn’t a need to add any colour, as the unique characteristic of each flower is enhanced because of this contrast.

Below is a mixture of white cluster roses (by Grandiflora), Silver Suede, Veronica and Babies Breath.







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