Important things

There is one huge lesson I’ve come to learn over the last few weeks. It didn’t come ‘all of a sudden’ or like an epiphany. It was more of a succession of life events that finally gave me perspective.
Over the past four years, there has been some major changes in my life. This was about the time I started striving for what I ‘needed’ ( wanted really) to be happy. I’ve got married, moved house, had a baby and just recently, started my own business.
This recent discovery had a little to do with who I surround myself with and a lot to do with my new found self esteem. It’s amazing how negativity can really influence your decision. For a long time I let people bring me down, and manipulate me into thinking I was really worthless and that I had nothing to contribute to this world. I felt like I was constantly upsetting and disappointing them. What was really happening was I cared more about those people then I cared for myself. Needless to say, once they ‘dissappeared’ from my life, I could finally focus on the good stuff.

Lesson: surround yourself with inspiring, positive people and get rid of all that dead weight bringing you down.

…….For my darling husband, who has always loved and supported me



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