Garden Variety

Well I was feeling quite traumatised this afternoon. Why well it all started when I engulfed my house in smoke. It’s not because I like cigarettes or incense ( no I like incense what that wasnt the reason I had smoke), but because I was cooking dinner. There was so much smoke that the alarm when off and my baby started coughing.
I’m not usually that bad at making dinner. Actually, I have got a lot better over the last few years. Ive learned to make cakes, produce succulent roasts and pretty much managed not to stuff too much up.
When I was single, I didn’t even own a fridge. I worked most nights as a pizza delivery driver and one of the perks was that I got to take a pizza home when i finished my shift. it was pretty awesome because i didn’t have to buy dinner. I just lived on these handouts, and didn’t really have to make anything myself.
Tonight I decided i would grill some chicken on the stove. Chicken is alright, but I have a thing with it where I’m never quite sure when it’s done. So I just keep grilling and grilling it until it’s almost charcoal. This way I know I wont get salmonella poisoning.
Well tonight it backfired…
Anyways, I was feeling fruity today and decided to make a quick fascinator out of the flowers from my garden. They are bright and beautiful, unlike my dinner tonight….


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