Real Wedding Inspiration

I stumbled upon the most adorable wedding today on Green Wedding Shoes and I have to say, this has to be the most ‘Australiana’ type celebration I’ve ever seen! It has all of the quintessential Australian icons… Gum trees, wattles, a weather beaten shed, man with a convict like frazzled beard, vintage English-settler style clothing oh and don’t forgot the kangaroos!
The styling is superb with all the colours reflecting that of our wide sunburnt country. Reds, browns, yellows and oranges are seen in abundance. Bouquets and table centre flowers are scattered through the reception almost like untamed plants. Everything seems homemade, from the desserts to the bunting which makes everything feel homey and welcoming.
Want to see more? check out the whole post here.

australian-wedding-03 australian-wedding-05 australian-wedding-07 australian-wedding-08 australian-wedding-09 australian-wedding-10 australian-wedding-13 australian-wedding-14 australian-wedding-22 australian-wedding-23 australian-wedding-24 australian-wedding-26 australian-wedding-27 australian-wedding-28 australian-wedding-31 australian-wedding-33 australian-wedding-35 kangaroo vintage_dress_AUS


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