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Today I was playing around with some carnations and was thinking about how cool it would be if people sent words instead of cards. Let me explain. If say, it was your friends birthday and you wanted to send them some flowers, you would choose an arrangement then write them a message. What would happen if instead of writing a message, you sent an arrangement of words.

monograms are often displayed at weddings picture via Jonathan Adler

They can be made using a variety of mediums such as Oasis (above) or wire (below). The suitability of these mediums depends on how long the flowers need to look fresh for. Oasis can sustain an arrangement for a few days but is bulky and messy. Using wire can give you more design control as you can bend it into any shape you like, but there is nothing there to sustain the flowers.

Image via Beautiful Mess

Using arrangements of words is a unique way of conveying a message as it is open to interpretation. The recipient would appreciate this seemingly ambiguous gift because it can be like conveying a private joke or a secret message only they understand. The ‘E’ in the picture below could stand for a number of things. It could be the persons initial or could stand for a word like Eternity or Endearment.

photo by Annmarie377

After much thought, i decided to put together my own word arrangement





What do you think it means?


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