Terrarium Love

I have a crush on terrariums at the moment. Not only are they beautiful, but they are a practical long-lasting gift that people of all ages can enjoy.
When I was little my grandpa had all these terrariums in his lounge room. My brother and I would always look through the glass wondering what little creatures could live in there.

20130417-100517.jpg My new little friends. A phaelenopsis orchid, hoya plant and some other plant I don’t know from my garden.

For years after, I never saw a single one and just assumed that people got sick of putting plants in fish tanks and instead started putting fish in them instead.

20130417-160253.jpgvia Fort Standard

They have now become a popular choice for many stylists and interior designers alike. Emily Henderson loves using them as talking points and as a way to add a sculptural element to a room.

20130417-100502.jpgGlass Terrarium via West Elm

via Flickr

Have you seen any awesome terrariums? How about vintage ones? Are they still around?


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