Dreaming reality

Kirsty Mitchel, remember that name. This women is one of the most creative and talented I’ve come across. She is a fashion designer, costume maker, stylist, florist and photographer all in one.
I know right!? It’s not fair! How can a normal person posses such a huge array of skills?


Growing up, art became my sole passion. I studied until I was 25.

Kirsty studied art history, fine arts, photography, costume design and then finally completed a degree in fashion design in 2001. She then went to intern at Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan.



I used to say I had never truly ‘looked’ until it was through a lens… life was different, more beautiful, more sad, and extreme in every sense of the word. People mattered, how they sat, how they slept, how they looked when they thought no one else cared.




By combining my various backgrounds, I started to create images in which everything was made or designed by myself, with the occasional help of a few friends. The costumes, props, sets and accessories all became a vital part of the process that I recorded in the finished product of a photograph. It was driven by the need to produce tangible pieces of my dreams, and make it possible to step into the scenes for real.




You can view more of Kirsty’s work here


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