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I recently came across an article regarding floral relay companies, and how they failed to deliver thousands of mothers day flowers.
If you are asking yourself HEY! What is a floristry relay company???!
Basically, a person orders flowers through the company either on their website or through an affiliate florist. The relay company that emails or faxes the order through to a florist that is closest and most available to the recipient. This florist then makes up and delivers the flowers.
There are positives to this situation, with the best example being, that it allows someone overseas to send flowers to someone in a different country.

BUT there are HUGE negatives.

1. You can only choose flowers from a catalog. If you are ordering flowers for delivery overseas, there are even fewer choices.
2.The order goes through so many hands. This means that there is more of a chance of getting card messages and delivery details wrong.
3.Not every florist can produce the quality that is seen in the catalog. Apparently a florist is assessed for their suitability before they can become an affiliate. I have worked for MANY florist shops and I have to say, MOST of them have not produced work to an acceptable standard.
4.It is really difficult to have all the flowers handy in the shop to create the exact match to the pictured item. If you are an affiliate florist, you do have the choice to accept or decline an order based on the availability product in your store. Most of the time ( in my experience) a florist will just accept the order anyway. Often the arrangement looks nothing like the picture and rely heavily on the fact that most people can not recognise the difference.
5. Each florist has a different pricing system. Relay companies do take this into account, and that is why the flowers in the catalog are more expensive. The amount of flowers you receive are usually relative to where the recipient lives. The more expensive the suburb, the more the flowers cost and the less you will get.

So if you are planning to use a floral relay company, what do you do?
You order a BOUQUET or BUNCH of flowers that is the choice of the florist. You should specify the reason you are sending the flowers (ie birthday, sympathy) and a rough idea of colours and favorite flowers, but nothing too specific.(there is an option for this, but of course there is no picture in the catalog and a lot of florists don’t inform their customers about it). This way the florist will create something appropriate for the occasion based on what is most popular in their area. Also florists are creative people, if you restrain them too much, they will not enjoy making the arrangement and their interest in your flowers will be compromised. ( I know they are supposed to be professional, but they are still human – and might I say, pretty exceptional humans at that!). Also do not order flowers in a container. It eats up a huge amount of the cost of the arrangement and you will be left with fewer flowers.

So my suggestion would be to email to call a florist closest to your recipient. Let them know that you prefer to do this then use a relay company. They will let you know what flowers are trending, what are the freshest and will generally be cheaper!

Anyways you can read the article that sparked this rant here

What are your experiences with a relay company?


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