Currently Making… A Buttonhole

How to Make a Buttonhole

The other week, I was gathering a few bits and pieces together and came across some lovely flowers. Because I have just moved into this place, I have no idea what is growing in my backyard. So I was wading through the mountains of browned dropped camelia heads and I found these interesting purple things(some sort of pitcher plant??) I couldnt resist picking them to see how long they would last wired. So I’ve made a step-by-step guide of how to create a buttonhole for you guys out there. Hopefully you will find it handy. Oh and by-the-way, they flowers lasted well for a few days!
Completed Buttonhole


You Will Need

  • Snips ( florist scissors)
  • 22 gauge Wire
  • Parafilm
  • Twine of your choice
  • Pearl Head Pin
  • Various Flowers and Foliage
Organic materials - just little bits and pieces will do. If you are doing a wedding, just use key blooms similar to those used in the brides bouquet.

Organic materials – just little bits and pieces will do. If you are doing a wedding, just use key blooms similar to those used in the brides bouquet.


Cut stems down to roughly 1 inch. I haven't cut down the violet as the stem is to soft to wire.


Step 1 – Lay out all your flowers and foliage. Make sure you have removed any leaves that you do not want in your arrangement. Cut about 1/2 – 1 inch from the head of the flower.



Step 2 – Cut your wire in half. Florist wire comes in lengths of 45cm and we don’t need that much for short flowers. With the underside of the leaf facing you, piece from behind and tread the wire through the either side of the ‘midrib’ then bend both sides of the wire down to meet the stem.



Step 3 – Stretch and wind the floral tape over the wire and leaf stem tightly. Much sure you cover the end of the stem. This seals it.



Step 4 – Repeat with the remaining flower and foliage.





Step 5 – Now its the fun part! Starting with the larger leaves, layer the foliage to create the outline of the buttonhole. This will dictate the shape of the buttonhole. Make sure you hold the wires together as you go so that the foliage doesn’t move as you add to it. Next add the feature flowers in a pleasing manner.


Step 6 – Once all the components are added, cut all the wires  so they are about 1 inch long.


Step 7 – Cover the wire below the flowers with parafilm.


Step 8 – This step is optional. Many florists will leave the shank uncovered as it looks slimmer and neater. Just wind the string around the shank, spiraling it in a neat fashion up the stem. Secure the twine with glue or simply tie it off.


Completed Buttonhole

Step 9 – Add a pearl head pin and your done!


Have you got a wedding coming up and want to save some cash? Practice your floristry skills on something small like a buttonhole. Just make sure you try it a few times before the big day so you get it the technique down pat.


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