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Been thinking a lot lately. Actually thinking more then doing (in the floristry sense, home life is a different matter). Been visiting and touching base with people in the industry, just to catch up on goss, see what’s in season and what people are creating. I love watching them make stuff. I love how they cut the bunches, grasp the flowers in their thumb and forefinger, what angle they move their head when placing stems into arrangements. The intensity involved is quite remarkable -to know that for that point in time, all that matters to that florist is creating something beautiful 20130724-205923.jpg


Terrariums have been my thing for a few months now. It’s pretty interesting what you can make into a terrarium. All you need in a container, soil, charcoal, pebbles and plants. Add a quirky figurine and you’ve created a wonderful talking point for when visitors come to call on you at home.


Continuing on with the plant theme, string gardens are getting bigger and bigger ( as in more popular), I visited Maling Road in Camberwell the other week and a florist there was selling a whole heap. Basically they just chucked them all in a bucket and put them out the front for display. It’s pretty cool seeing them out and about.


Its nice creating an arrangement that is soft and feminine and ‘cottagey’. There is something soothing about making one. It’s satisfying to shape an arrangement in a ball, as naturally people find symmetry pleasing to the eye. It’s not like people go “hey, that rose is sticking out” or “that side is wonky”. It’s more like people instantly don’t like it if it is not balanced


So then there is wrapping. Bright, metallic and graphic are my faves. They seem to bring out the vibrancy of the flowers, without taking away from them.


This one was a bit tricky, cos the wrapping is like a purply/blue. Blue is extremely hard to work with. Blue wrap only tends to go with white or yellow flowers, and then people only really like it for baby boy gifts. With this one though, it had some pink in it, so I tried to find flowers that where like burgundy, plum and cherry. Seemed to come out ok


2 responses to “Recent work

  1. I absolutely love the utilization of cacti. As aflorist in Riverside CA we have to keep the heat in mind as it gets quit warm here during the summers and it can be difficult to keep plants in premium condition the We definitely don’t use cacti often enough here.

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