The truth about Florists


Picture curtesy of Dada Dreams

My recent endeavors in the floristry industry have ‘reopened’ my eyes to the many different characters. Not only shop owners, but staff as well. You see, I was a keen and enthusiastic florist a few years ago, until many factors sent me running. And just so you know, that’s when I got involved in interior design. Over the last year, my love of flowers have (sorry about the pun) blossomed, when a friend asked me to do her wedding. What followed was a burst of creative energy – something I could not contain or control. Suddenly I wanted everyone to know about flowers, about what joy they can bring people and about how interesting they can be if you talk about the in the right light. So I started this blog.
Soo.. Someone just mentioned to me that it is best not to wrap things in cotton wool. That honesty = integrity and that even if the truth hurts, you should just say it anyway.
So here it is,
Floristry is full of weirdos, bullies and basically bat-shit crazy people. Look, it’s harsh I know, but the things that us florists have to put up with the make a living are just terrible.
Take this example. A person who I recently worked with said that when she notified her workplace that she was leaving her position, her boss got so angry, that he punched her in the face. Yes, full on punched her. This women ran from the shop bawling her eyes out and went straight to the police station. Unfortunately no charges were laid because there were no witnesses.
I myself have seen a girl get slapped when she incorrectly took down a phone order. From my own personal experiences there have been instances where bosses have restricted duties such as making arrangements and answering the phone because of some made up belief in their minds that you can’t do the work. This happens at the start of your employment there and if you don’t adjust to their style or complete their request in accordance with their imagination, then you get pigeonholed into serving customers for the remainder of your time at that shop.
Then there is the bullying by peers. It’s the defining silence that follows you from the moment you enter the shop until the time you leave. It’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop. It’s the jealousy that a coworker gets when your boss praises your work, or the judgement in their eyes when your boss tell them ( not you) about all the mistakes you’ve made that day.

Anyways, I know I’m having a wine , but can’t we all just relax and get along?


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